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The University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU) will be offering three Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) as follows:

  • Understanding Philippine Art and Culture: This MOOC talks about the relationship of arts and culture.
  • Critical Approaches to Philippine Art and Culture: This MOOC discusses Philippine art in a cultural critical perspective through grounding research, teaching, and learning approach in a multidisciplinary platform and making use of interpretive areas of History, Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, Media Studies and Art Studies in making sense and meaning of art, artworks, artifacts, and artists as situated in public and private spaces.
  • Philippine Art as Cultural Text: This MOOC examines Philippine art as cultural text -- social practice, popular culture, and also looks at art and the other disciplines. It likewise takes up Philippine art and culture in the global context, the region, the nation, and art in diaspora and transnationalism.

These MOOCs will be offered from November 15 to December 29, 2016, and can be accessed at the UPOU MODeL site. As these are MOOCs, anyone interested can enroll in these courses for free. A certificate will be given upon completion of an individual MOOC and upon completion of all three MOOCs within the course.

Through discussions from various experts in art and culture, the course seeks to reinforce a sense of Filipino identity by understanding the role of Philippine art in life, its relationship with cultural practices in national communities, and its evolution in the context of societal changes. The student will be expected to read literary texts, listen to music, watch films or videos, theater plays, and performances, visit galleries and museums, experience art in the immediate environment, and create a cultural map of these art forms.

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