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Change of Matriculation Change of Matriculation

Change of Matriculation is when a student decides to add or cancel one course, which s/he previously registered. However, change in the entry of courses in the registration form is still allowed as long as it has prior authorization from the Office of the Registrar of the Dean’s Office and that the form 5 has not yet been forwarded to OUR. Change of matriculation includes enrollment in additional subject, substitution of one subject to another and/or cancellation of a subject.

1. Fill out the Change of Matriculation Form which is available at your Learning Center and downloadble at Downloadable Forms in the website.

2. Pay the change of matriculation fee of P 10.00 per subject. All payments are to be transacted at the UPOU Cash Office or in any PNB branch or remittance center following the payment procedure for local students.

3. Have your change of matriculation form checked and re-assessed.

Submit your accomplished form and proof of payment to your LC Coordinator.

Additional fees for tuition, instructional materials and laboratory fees will be charged for any  additional course/s enrolled.