The UP Open University (UPOU) published three books which are licensed under creative commons.

To share experiences and learning in the operation and implementation of open and distance eLearning (ODeL) in the Philippines, the University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU) published the books “Conversations on Openness: An Engagement in Discourse Capture” and “From Centers to Hubs: Reconceptualizing UPOU Learning Centers.”

“A Conversations on Openness: An Engagement in Discourse Capture,” encapsulates the university’s dominant narrative on openness in its pre-MOOC (massive open online courses) phase. It features the talks delivered by UPOU officials and faculty members in the series of roundtable discussions on the openness of open universities held in 2012 at the university headquarters in Los Banos, Laguna. The book also introduces “discourse capture,” an experimental technique cum format and a knowledge-sharing device that presents an exposition of ideas along with context and processes of spontaneous collective thought. Dr. Alexander G. Flor, Dean of the Faculty of Information and Communication Studies, and Dr. Melinda F. Lumanta, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs edited this book.

"From Centers to Hubs: Reconceptualizing UPOU Learning Centers," edited by Dr. Lumanta and Dr. Joane V. Serrano, Director of the Information Office and Multimedia Center, features the following narratives of the university's Learning Centers as seen through the lenses of its coordinators:

  • Beginnings of the UPOU as it shared space in UP campuses.
  • Role of the Learning Center Coordinators.
  • Effects of technological advances on student support services.
  • Experiences of the Learning Center Coordinators in dealing with the distance learners and their needs.
  • UPOU’s investments and efforts to make its services of accessible to its various publics.
  • The UPOU Virtual Learning Center

The third book, “AGCOM-DEVCOM Crossover: A Participant-Observer’s Journey,” is by Dr. Felix Librero, a UP Professor emeritus, a former UP Faculty Regent, and the second UPOU Chancellor. The book contains stories about the Dr. Librero's journey as a development communication professional and academician. The articles included in the book were each written for specific purposes, time, and audiences.

All the three ebooks are available for free. Copies can be downloaded from UPOUNetworks. (Luisa A. Gelisan, Multimedia Center)