The UP Open University (UPOU), Local Government Unit of Mauban, Quezon, Quezon Power (Philippines), Inc. (QPL), the UPOU Foundation, Inc.(UPOUFI) and the Department of Education signed the memorandum of agreement (MOA) for the establishment of the sixth phase of the Teacher Development Program, Phase 6, which has been renamed to “TDP/Enhanced Continuing Education Program for Mauban” (TDP/eCEP4Mauban) to expand its reach. The MOA signing and program launching was held on 3 August 2017 at the Audiovisual Room, UP Open University, Los Baños, Laguna.

UPOU Chancellor and TDP Program Leader, Dr. Melinda dP. Bandalaria; Mauban Mayor Fernando “Dingdong” Llamas; UPOUFI President Felix Librero; QPL Community Relations Manager Chuckie Rivera; and representative from the Department of Education-Quezon Province, Dr. Felipe Malabaguio led the MOA signing and program launching.

The TDP, which started in 2005, was initially established to provide scholarship grants to public school teachers from Mauban, who shall pursue graduate studies in UPOU. From TDP1 to TDP5, 164 elementary and high school teachers have been awarded scholarships and 110 have graduated. The sixth phase of the program will cover other professions and areas deemed important to achieve a holistic development for Mauban, Quezon.

Dr. Bandalaria said that the TDP6-eCEP4Mauban project will be implemented for 36 months, from August 2017 to July 2020 and will have two major components — scholarship grants to relevant degree programs offered by UPOU, and scholarship to short-term training programs.

Dr. Felix Librero appreciated the people behind the project. He reminded them to continue with the program for “the progress of the community and people through education.” Mayor Fernando "Dingdong" Llamas, announced that he is already planning to institutionalize the funding support for TDP through municipal ordinances to ensure the continuity of the program. On behalf of QPL, Community Relations Manager Chuckie Rivera also conveyed their never-ending support and indebtedness, “let us not stop, let us not be static.” He also challenged everyone to "pursue individual and holistic growth."

Two of the graduates of TDP’s earlier phases, Ms. Mharlee V. Derecho (Phase 1) and Mr. Wilson S. Martinez (Phase 3) shared how TDP has become a big help in their journeys as learners and as teachers. The sacrifices and hardships became beautiful experiences when they graduated and began to see the fruits of their hard work. They are now both Principals in their respective schools and are also encouraging their teachers to be a part of the TDP.

During the program launch, the 12 TDP6-eCEP4Mauban scholars of were introduced. Aside from the scholarship grants, each one received a "technology package" consisting of a laptop computer unit and a pocket WiFi.

The TDP6-eCEP4Mauban scholars are the following:

  1. Ms. Cristine G. Alpajora (Diploma of Arts in Language and Literacy Education)
  2. Ms. Roxanne C. Apostol (Diploma of Arts in Language and Literacy Education)
  3. Ms. Rianne Karla M. Gandia (Diploma of Arts in Language and Literacy Education)
  4. Ms. Charlen Joy R. Geguinto (Diploma of Arts in Language and Literacy Education)
  5. Ms. Loisy Grace A. Lorena (Diploma of Arts in Language and Literacy Education)
  6. Ms. Hyayella S. Mandrique (Diploma of Arts in Language and Literacy Education)
  7. Mr. Edwin L. Reyes (Master of Arts in Social Studies Education)
  8. Ms. April Joy E. Urciana (Master of Arts in Social Studies Education)
  9. Ms. Amy Shierle L. Barnes (Master of Social Work)
  10. Mr. Peter Orlan Catalla (Diploma in Science Teaching)
  11. Ms. Dennise A. Gabo (Master of Arts in Language and Literacy Education)
  12. Mr. Kenneth T. Caliwanagan (Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies)

(Lara Bonifacio and Luisa Gelisan)