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UPOU recognizes exemplary service of its employees on anniversary day.

In the spirit of togetherness and camaraderie, UPOU held its Family Day as one of its Anniversary activities for this year. The afternoon of 29 February 2016 was devoted to the recognition of staff members who have served the University for 5, 10, 15 and 20 years, awarding of the winners of the UPOU volleyball tournament, and recognition of non-teaching staff members who were able to finish their degrees.

The program started with a welcome message from Dr. Jean Saludadez, Vice-Chancellor for Finance and Administration and Chair of the 21st Anniversary Committee. She congratulated the awardees and thanked the Anniversary Committee for their efforts.

Ms. Percia Secreto, Over-all in Charge of the UPOU Volleyball Tournament, announced the awarding of the winning team and outstanding volleyball players. She congratulated all who were involved, thanked the Vice-Chancellors and Asst. Prof. Rita Ramos, the Chair of the Health and Wellness Committee, for their support. She also said that the sports and recreation facilities that were requested have been approved by then Chancellor Dr. Grace Javier Alfonso.

Red Team was declared as the tournament champion. Blue Team placed second and the Green Team third. Yellow Team was the 1st runner up. Ms. Riza Drio and Mr. Joel Llobit were recognized as the Most Valuable Players. Ms. Secreto also invited other UPOU employees to join them in the sport. Ms. Helen Creer was given a one-time Incentive Grant for Finishing a Degree for Non-Teaching Staff, for finishing her Master of Business Management.

The five-year service awardees were Ms. Myleen Argel, Asst. Prof. Rita Ramos, Ms. Anna Cañas-Llamas, Mr. Benedict Reforma and Mr. Raymond de Leon. Asst. Prof. Marie-Sol Hidalgo was awarded for her 10-year service. Those who were awarded for their 15 years of service were Ms. Geneva Simplina, Mr. Celestino Quiña and Ms. Ronelyn Marasigan. Eleven people were awarded the 20-year service award, namely, Mr. Renato Ilagan, Jr., Mr. Allan Pamulaklakin, Ms. Erlina Manarin, Assoc. Prof. Joane Serrano, Ms. Cecilia Santiago, Ms. Roselyn Gacosta, Ms. Elvy Pamulaklakin, Mr. Jay Aldemita, Mr. Felix Bautusta, Ms. Marcelino Delfin, and Ms. Amalia Gecalao-Perez.

The event was also a venue to show UPOU’s gratitude to its outgoing Chancellor, Dr. Grace Javier Alfonso. All units of UPOU presented their gifts and testimonials to her. An audio-visual presentation of her nine years with UPOU was also shown. Dr. Alfonso was effusive as she thanked the UPOU family. In her speech, she said that she enjoyed the nine best years of her professional career with UPOU because of the capable people she worked with.

Asst. Prof. Fina Taylan and Asst. Prof. Ram de Jesus were the emcees of the event, which ended with an early dinner fellowship for the UPOU family. (Anna Cañas-Llamas)

UPOU celebrates international women's month with exhibit and forums.

The UP Open University joins the world in the celebration of the International Women's Month of March, through several activities that highlight women and other issues and concerns relating to them.

On 08 March 2016, UPOU launched the exhibit entitled "UGNAYAN.…

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