Research Profile

UPOU views research as essential to its function as a university. It looks at research as a means to enhance its teaching function, create new knowledge, and contribute to addressing societal issues and problems. The University has made available a number of grants to support the research activities of faculty and staff members, including the dissemination of research results.

UPOU conducts research in distance education (DE) and the disciplines it currently offers. Since its establishment, the University has spearheaded research in open and distance e-learning in the country. Its research in this area has been diverse, covering the following topics:

  • DE learner profile
  • DE learning styles
  • DE learner performance
  • Learner support systems
  • Online teaching and learning
  • Virtual learning environments
  • Mobile learning
  • Computer-mediated collaborative learning
  • Gender and distance education
  • Pedagogical approaches in distance education
  • DE program evaluation
  • Technology-enhanced learning
  • Massive open online courses
  • Management of DE

In addition, the University has also pursued research in other disciplines being taught at the university:

  • Basic Education
  • Information and Communication Technology for Development
  • Multimedia
  • Communication
  • Organization and management
  • Public policy and governance
  • Environmental management
  • Health studies
  • Development studies

Many of these researches in the other disciplines also incorporate the affordances of information and communication technology and/or open and distance e-learning in addressing wider social problems and concerns.

For more information, please contact the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs