The UP Open University (UPOU )Faculty of Management and Development Studies (FMDS), through its Research and Publication Committee (RPC) held the 2021 FMDS Research Forum which was live-streamed via the official FMDS Facebook Page on 07 December 2021 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM. 

The Research Forum featured seven studies of students from the different graduate programs of FMDS. The research studies were grouped into three themes, the first theme features three studies on “Societal Issues in a Developing Country”, the second theme focuses on two studies related to “Leadership and Administration in Healthcare”, and the third theme highlights two studies on “Environmental Management.”

The forum opened with the welcome remarks from Dr. Primo G. Garcia, the FMDS Dean. In his message, Dean Garcia highlighted the importance of sharing research findings in reaching a wider audience beyond the academic circle. Dean Garcia stated that in doing that, research becomes a tool for civic engagement, collective sensemaking, and institution building.

Dr. Maripres Sarinas (FMDS Secretary to the Faculty) and Asst. Prof. Ria Valerie Cabanes (Master of Arts in Nursing Program Chair) served as the moderators for the research forum. They introduced the panel of reactors who are comprised of Dr. Jaclyn Cauyan, an Assistant Professor at the UP Diliman College of Education, Dr. Erwin Leyva, an Assistant Professor and Head of the Research and Creative Writing Program of the UP Manila College of Nursing, and Prof. Magdalena Read, an Associate Lecturer at the University of Lincoln.

The first study under the theme, “Societal Issues in a Developing Country” was presented by Prof. Ethel Queddeng-Quesea, an Instructor at Southern Luzon State University, Guidance, Research and Extension Coordinator of SLSU-Polillo, and a graduate of the Master of Arts in Nursing program. Prof. Quesea’s study entitled “Parental Relationship and Parental Influence on Teenage Pregnancy Among Adolescent Mothers in Polillo, Quezon” aimed to determine the degree of influence of parental relationship among adolescent mothers and its correlation to behaviors that lead to teenage pregnancy.

The second study under the first theme was presented by Prof. Mark Vincent Nogra, an Assistant Professor at the College of Arts and Sciences of Southwestern University-PHINMA, and a graduate of the Master of ASEAN Studies program. His study entitled “An Ethnomethodological Understanding of Indigenous Peoples Civil Society Organizations’ Engagements with ASEAN: Towards a New ASEAN-CSO Engagement Framework” focused on IP CSOs’ experiences in engaging with ASEAN to understand the role of CSOs in shaping the relations. The study aimed to answer how IP CSOs view ASEAN-CSO relations and their relationship to their definition of their engagement practices with ASEAN.

This was followed by the presentation of Prof. Angeli Abegail Q. Naranja of her study entitled “Demographic Profile, Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices of  Blood Donors in a Low-Middle Income Country.” Prof. Naranja is a medical technologist by profession and is currently a college instructor at the University of Baguio of the School of Natural Sciences. She is also a graduate of the Master of International Health program. Her study aimed to determine the demographic profile of blood donors in terms of sex, age, ethnicity and level of education and measured the level of knowledge, attitude and practices in terms of blood donation. Her study also looks into the relationship of the donor profiles in terms of level of knowledge, attitude and practices.

The second theme, which focuses on “Leadership & Administration in Healthcare” was opened by a presentation from Mr. Arsenic T. Manlangit,  a Nurse Team Leader in a hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and a graduate of the Master of Arts in Nursing program. His study entitled “Cultural Competence and Decision-Making of Nurse Leaders in a University Hospital in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” aimed to explore the relationship between cultural competence and quality of decision-making of nurse leaders in a university hospital in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

The second study for the second theme was presented by Ms. Ariene Erie, an Instructor at the Western Mindanao State University College of Nursing and a Master of Arts in Nursing graduate. Her study titled “Nurse Work Attitude and Personal Organizational Commitment in a Quaternary Hospital in Makkah, Saudi Arabia” is a descriptive correlational research study that aims to determine the relationship between work attitude and personal organizational commitment among staff nurses in King Abdullah Medical City in Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

The first study for the third and last theme, “Environmental Management”, was presented by Ms. Jaesma Asinas, a faculty member at the Mindoro State University and a graduate of the Master of Environment and Natural Resources Management program. Her study on “Avifaunal Assessment of Mindoro State University (MinSU) Forest Reservation” utilized transect walks, sound recording, and counting as data gathering tools to assess the avian species at the Mindoro State University Forest reservation. The study aimed to update bird data useful for planning and conservation.

The last study titled, “Land Use Monitoring Using Remote Sensing and Deep Learning Neural Networks: A Case Study in Barangay Galalan, Pangil, Laguna” was presented by Ms. Anna Christine De Padua-Durante, a consultant at the Asian Development Bank and a Master of  Environment and Natural Resources Management graduate. Her study evaluated the use of deep learning neural network, a subset of the broader machine learning techniques, in analyzing satellite imagery in the context of mapping land-use change.

After the presentations under each of the three themes, the panel of reactors discussed their insights on the studies and gave their questions to the presenters. The Research Forum was closed by the FMDS Research and Publication Committee Chair Asst. Prof Queenie Ridulme.

The live-streamed event garnered a total of 1,190 views on the FMDS Facebook page.

Submitted by Faculty of Management and Development Studies


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