Open Talk Features What Students Are Saying About ChatGPT

In the third episode of OPENtalk about ChatGPT, students shared their thoughts on using ChatGPT and other AI tools in their studies and research. This episode was aired on 26 April 2023.

The OPENTalk in partnership with the University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU) Faculty of Information and Communication Studies and UPOU University Student Council gathered selected UPOU students such as Mr. Isaiah Crisanto, Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts student and Chairperson at the UPOU University Student Council, Ms. Belle Bas Balazuela, Graduate Certificate in Distance Education student, and Mr. Wilzen “Aeo” Bermoy, Doctor of Communication student, to serve as panelists on the discussion about their thoughts and experience on ChatGPT as a currently rising AI tool. Asst. Prof. Mari Anjeli Cristanto, Assistant Professor and Program Chair of the Diploma in Computer Science program, and Director of UPOU Quality Assurance Office served as the moderator.

According to Mr. Crisanto, ChatGPT is a good tool to exchange ideas with especially to those who experience writer’s block. The AI chatbot can give advice and fuel insights to further ignite it. Ms. Balazuela also concurred and said that ChatGPT can provide ideas and compose it as how the thinker or the user needs help, and act as a tutor. Mr. Bermoy, on the other hand, shared that the AI chatbot can act as one’s study buddy especially for Online Distance Education learners (ODeL) like those enrolled in UPOU. 

Mr. Crisanto furthered that the growth of ChatGPT is already becoming significant as more and more users are becoming aware of its potential through its accessibility, relevance, and dependability. According to Mr. Bermoy, ChatGPT can also act as a tutor to answer questions and in a way can address the challenges of traditional teaching. While the AI chatbot can be promising, empowering this tool can also deprive learners of their internal voice, shared Ms. Balazuela. As an educator, she expounded that learning is everly connected and utilizing ChatGPT can limit such connection and skip what is meant to be learned. 

Asst. Prof. Crisanto raised questions from the viewers and the speakers were able to share theirs thoughts and answers. In conclusion, the group  were in agreement that the use of AI in learning could be welcomed but with proper usage. Educators also have the role to guide students on how to properly use AI chatbots like ChatGPT to ensure and uphold rightful utilization and still empower their thinking abilities. 

 The recorded live event can still be viewed on UPOU Networks and UPOU Networks Facebook Page.

Contributed by Allessa Shainne Hostalero

Edited by Anna Cañas-Llamas and Myra C. Almodiel

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