Dr. Alexander G. Flor, Dean and Professor of the Faculty of Information and Communication Studies (FICS) of the University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU), served as the plenary speaker during the 2018 International Asian Congress for Media and Communication (ACMC) Conference. With the theme “Examining the Socio-Political Economy of Communication,” the conference was held at the National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan on 27-29 October 2018.

In his plenary session titled “Beyond the Socio-Political Economy: Communication as a Pan Discipline,” Dean Flor explained that his talk was a humble attempt to take a wider view on communication. He related that “the impact of communication on our society’s politics and economy is a well-established phenomenon. And yet these sciences, except of course for education, are hesitant to embrace communication.”

He also discussed the meme, which according to him, is a basic unit of culture that can be compared to a virus. “An idea can spread from one mind to another in the same manner that a virus can spread from one body to another.” He then concluded his talk by underscoring that “It is up for us communication researchers and practitioners to study and engage in the study of memetics.”

During the open forum, Dean Flor pointed out that “Communication is a critical function of all living things; a critical function which leads us to grow… to evolve from current state to a perfect state.”

Dean Flor was the only Filipino plenary speaker in this conference. Other speakers were Dr. Yi-Ning Chen, Commissioner of Taiwan National Communication Commission and Dr. Nobuto Yamamoto, Professor of Keio University Japan. (Denielle M. Amoloza)


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On Saturday, 10 December 2022, the UP Open University (UPOU) resumes its FACE-TO-FACE Graduation with the theme "University of the Future: Reimaginations, Reconfigurations, Realizations".


The NCODeL officially commenced on 23 November 2022. This year’s theme “Reimagining Education Futures” promotes how Open and Distance eLearning can reshape the future of education. The conference aims to cover all aspects and components of ODeL.


#NEWS: As an opening salvo for the upcoming 7th National Conference on Open and Distance e-Learning (NCODeL), two pre-conference workshops were held on 22 November 2022 to prepare several teacher-participants for the conference.

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